Last Update: Mar 17, 2013 

10. Jennifer Aniston 

The beautiful Rachel of Friends has so far billed $ 11 million, with romantic movies usually do, the truth is that Hollywood has pocketed. 

Jennifer Aniston Makeup 1

9. Kristen Wiig 

It is both an actress and bending in the United States, this year has won 12 million dollars. 

Kristen Wiig

8. Meryl Streep 

The versatile Meryl Streep, with many successes to their espaladas win 12 and a half million dollars a year.


Meryl Streep - Transformation - hair and makeup

7. Sarah Jessica Parker 

Bradshow Carrie in Sex and the City have made Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the most sought after actresses in fact a few years ago was the most won. Now it is listed at 15 million dollars.  

Sarah Jessica Parker - Fan club album

6. Julia Roberts 

We could not miss the wedding here in the U.S., earning $ 16 million. 

celebrities-julia-roberts-815308[1] 5. Charlize Theron 

The beautiful South Africa never stops working, so far billed $ 18 million. 

Charlize Theron

4. Angelina Jolie 

Both she and her partner Brad Pitt are two of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, she alone earns $ 20 million.  

angelina jolie cannes film festival 50 3. Sandra Bullock 

From young Sandra Bullock has been an actress beloved by the public, his films, romantic comedies and other more serious dye, have come to all audiences. So Sandra takes $ 25 million. 

2. Cameron Diaz 

Another beautiful Hollywood today who has done almost everything, and charge for that $ 34 million. 

cameron diaz pictures

1. Kristen Stewart 

After Twilight Kristen has not stood still, and recently launched White and the Huntsman who reported being number from this list gaining $ 34.5 million.